Supply and installation of Digital Signage of following specifications and features-
1 Durable steel cabinet
2. 42”100% new Grade A+ TFT LCD monitor
4. Powerful Media player, integrated in a steel box

Detail Specification:
1) Touch Panel
b. Resolution: 4096*4096
c. Deviation of Error: ±<1.0% d. Surface Hardness: Mohs’ hardness rating of 7 e. Hitting Life Expectancy: 50,000,000 cycle times 2) 42 inch a. Resolution: 1920*1080 b. Brightness: 300cd/m2 c. Contrast ration: 1000: 1 d. Contact Bounce : 5ms e. Ratio:16:9 f. lifelong: more than 50 000 hours

Construction – Digital Signage
Scratch-Resistance Coating – Yes
Service Security Door Locker – Yes
Anti-static Grounding Protection – Yes