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Colors of Bangladesh



✓ Help visitors and customers to find the way
✓ Enhance your customers and visitors satisfaction
✓ Create more loyal customers
✓ Reduce administrative burden
✓ Promote your products and services
✓ Built-in QR codes for each map display
✓ Can be scanned by any smart phone✓☑ or tablet
✓ Maps designed for display on any mobile device
✓ Intuitive, touch-friendly design
✓ Interfaces with backend content database
✓ Completely customizable, scalable for large to small facilities
✓ Multiple language capability
✓ Displays colorful maps with animated routes and/or written directions
✓ Customizable search options; alphabetically, by topic, by key word, etc.
✓ Optional one-touch print feature

Quality Services & Products as well as Customer Satisfaction are the key Features of


Very Flexible

easy to install anywhere

We Provide You up to six month free technical Support !

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Supply and installation of Touch Screen Digital Directory Kiosk System for following specifications and features-

Colors of Bangladesh is an eminent and well reputed software and web development firm providing the highest quality of international standard of services to its clients across the country.

Colors of Bangladesh is an emerging software development firm providing international standard software and web development services. Colors of Bangladesh,founded in 1999, extended its services towards software and web development in 2003. Colors of Bangladesh comprises of professionals with outstanding skills and has already established its significant presence in local software market. Product quality and customer satisfaction are the key issues we stress on at

Colors of Bangladesh. We follow software engineering methodologies to ensure consummate quality both for our products and services.

We devise optimum and cost-effective solutions for your business/organization that streamline your business processes, saving both of your time and money. Our solutions eradicate tedious paper works, reduce deficiency, diminish work-loads and accelerate productivity of your business units. Our automated and intelligent software modules are designed to carry out esoteric and monotonous works and facilitate you to focus more on business/organizational strategies.

We use the most up-to-date development tools and languages to produce robust software products. We analyze each of our software components to ensure reliability, strength and security. Robustness of our products coheres with Intuitive interface and breath-taking user friendliness, allowing users to operate them with very little or no training at all.