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Floor Stand Digital Signage

Traditionally we do paper displays at business or store. Nowadays it's really a back dated idea and digital has already taken its place very strongly. A digital Signage With professional design and placing on the right area can take the one's business far away. Digital signage's dynamic and interactive displays allow you to show an incredible variety of up-to-date content to potential customers. Plus, the right digital devices will allow you to connect to all your content in the cloud. It's images are displayed in LED, LCD monitor and may be in projector so the picture quality is off course, high. We build for you signage according to your requirement s like hanging against the wall and standing on the floor.

Floor Stand Digital Signage

We build for you signage according to your requirement s like hanging against the wall and standing on the floor.!


✓ Help visitors and customers to find the way
✓ Enhance your customers and visitors satisfaction
✓ Create more loyal customers
✓ Reduce administrative burden
✓ Promote your products and services
✓ Built-in QR codes for each map display
✓ Can be scanned by any smart phone✓☑ or tablet
✓ Maps designed for display on any mobile device
✓ Intuitive, touch-friendly design
✓ Interfaces with backend content database
✓ Completely customizable, scalable for large to small facilities
✓ Multiple language capability
✓ Displays colorful maps with animated routes and/or written directions
✓ Customizable search options; alphabetically, by topic, by key word, etc.
✓ Optional one-touch print feature

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Very Flexible

easy to install anywhere

We Provide You up to six month free technical Support !

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Supply and installation of Touch Screen Digital Directory Kiosk System for following specifications and features-


Display 40″-42″ touch screen monitor44
CPU Processor- Intel core i5
Motherboard Intel 75 EN or better
HDD 1TB or more
RAM 4 GB DDR3 or more
Body Metal Body With cooling System
Speaker Yes
Power Supply 220 ~10%
Software Directory Management Software. (Optional)
Warranty 1(One) year
Colors Black, Silver, Red, White