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Touch Screen Wireless Audio Kiosk

A good presentation makes a huge impact on the audiences. When you are in a state of about to give a serious presentation or deliver a speech with some high notes that contain so many information, you require some technical support of heavy and expensive electronic devices set up in the system so that you can show the audience your presentation on the projector screen as it's an integral and the most important part of your presentation. It's a process you have to go through handling many electronics components like micro phones, amplifier, speaker set up, projector connection, cables, tools and may many more. Surely it's an expensive process that take considerably a good amount of time and require more people, specially highly paid technical personals Involvement with it.

"You Can Forget All of These Tedious Monotonous Process"

We come with the best modern digitalized lecterns solution of audio podiums rages of many varieties provide you better experience for your presentations and speech delivering at offices, seminars and in public meetings. With our Audio Podium You can even deliver your speech in front of thousands of people at auditoriums and in open air public gatherings being more relaxed and eased. Now you don't require too many machineries as all these essentials devices we incorporate in our lectern podium. So you need not to worry about microphones, sockets, cables, projectors, speakers, amplifier and many more stuffs. Even on our audio podium we can install an interactive touch screen monitor that help you to create an effective visual presentation. You can input and organize all your useful items for the presentations and just with your finger touch you can explain the segment of your topic to the audiences. !


✓ Help visitors and customers to find the way
✓ Enhance your customers and visitors satisfaction
✓ Create more loyal customers
✓ Reduce administrative burden
✓ Promote your products and services
✓ Built-in QR codes for each map display
✓ Can be scanned by any smart phone✓☑ or tablet
✓ Maps designed for display on any mobile device
✓ Intuitive, touch-friendly design
✓ Interfaces with backend content database
✓ Completely customizable, scalable for large to small facilities
✓ Multiple language capability
✓ Displays colorful maps with animated routes and/or written directions
✓ Customizable search options; alphabetically, by topic, by key word, etc.
✓ Optional one-touch print feature

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Very Flexible

easy to install anywhere

We Provide You up to six month free technical Support !

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Supply and installation of Touch Screen Digital Directory Kiosk System for following specifications and features-

Display 17″ Multipoint touch screen
CPU Cor i3/i5,Ram: 4GB/8GB,HDD:500GB/1TB
Motherboard Professional Metallic Keyboard
Body Metal Body With cooling System
Colors Black,Silver,Read,White
Network WiFi/LAN, Wireless & Wired Headphone
Software Content Managment System(optional)