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Touch Screen Digital Directory Kiosk

"It’s all about go hassle free" So, it begins with difficulties for the most of the visitors who are not quite acquainted with the places like large shopping malls, airport terminals, bus-rail way stations, medical clinics-hospitals, Banks, corporate offices or other important government offices to look up their destinations, departments, amenities, services, or personnel.

So here we can work with you. We can help you to get rid of this problem by creating a unique computing system that make it easier for the visitors like they haven't experienced before. With the Directory Kiosk visitors find their looked up direction service like easy to read and colorful maps, that have animated paths and/or written, turn-by-turn directions, beginning from their location to their selected destination.

Another amazed advantage is for the visitors of choosing to take the maps and directions with them onto their smart phones using QR tag technology!!


✓ Help visitors and customers to find the way
✓ Enhance your customers and visitors satisfaction
✓ Create more loyal customers
✓ Reduce administrative burden
✓ Promote your products and services
✓ Built-in QR codes for each map display
✓ Can be scanned by any smart phone✓☑ or tablet
✓ Maps designed for display on any mobile device
✓ Intuitive, touch-friendly design
✓ Interfaces with backend content database
✓ Completely customizable, scalable for large to small facilities
✓ Multiple language capability
✓ Displays colorful maps with animated routes and/or written directions
✓ Customizable search options; alphabetically, by topic, by key word, etc.
✓ Optional one-touch print feature

Quality Services & Products as well as Customer Satisfaction are the key Features of


Very Flexible

easy to install anywhere

We Provide You up to six month free technical Support !

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Supply and installation of Touch Screen Digital Directory Kiosk System for following specifications and features-

Display 42″-55″ Multipoint touch screen
CPU Cor i3/i5,Ram: 4GB/8GB,HDD:500GB/1TB
Motherboard Professional Metallic Keyboard
Body Metal Body With cooling System
Colors Black,Silver,Read,White
Speaker Yes.
Software Content Managment System(optional)